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Course 1

The 7-Day Empowerment Diet

The 7-day Empowerment Diet guides you through a reflective journey to become empowered beyond measure, from the inside-out. You will analyze the external act of empowerment, breaking it down into a simplistic 7-day formula of “the four-levels of empowerment” enhancements. You will gain some deep insights and practices to empower your effectiveness as a whole person for an abundant life.

The 7-Day Empowerment Diet

7 Sessions - 7-10 hours
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Course 2

Account Executive Program

GSE, Empowerment University, Account Executive program is a multifaceted commitment to build client relationships and company productivity. The Account Executive is a liaison between GSE and the client. They’re change agents, a relationship builder, a business mentor, and a consultant/coach all at the same time!

Account Executive Program

4 Sessions - 8 hours
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