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Using the Four Levels of Empowerment as our foundation, we help our clients develop plans that focus on their lives and their business, knowing that true success comes when both are being intentionally developed.
GSE exists to make a positive and lasting difference in the life of each person and business we empower. As experienced professionals, our coaches are dedicated to helping clients grow their business, build stronger teams and become the successful legacy leaders that they aspire to be.

“We approach our work by starting at the source, working with individuals one-on-one. This is where the empowerment begins..”

Using our proven Four Levels of Empowerment methodology, our coaches guide each client through the process of creating a Legacy Plan, and vision. By working one-on-one to develop each individual from the inside out. We aim to change our communities and our world, one person at a time.
Eric Goodson
Founder & Anti-CEO

Legacy is a journey

Rather than making something more complex then it needs to be, we believe legacy is a journey. It comes down to the decisions you make and the influence you have. Every issue you face can be put into one (if not both) of these categories. But simple and easy aren’t the same thing. In order to make the best decisions and grow your legacy, you must work to see beyond your own vantage point and broaden your perspective, as we always look for ways to better understand how others see their lives and business.

Leadership is simple, not easy

Great leaders know that they’ve never arrived, that there is always a chance to do more, to be more. They are not driven by a title or position but rather a purpose to make a greater difference in the lives of those they lead and serve. And like any journey, it’s always easier with a guide. So they are humble and always surround themselves with people who can not only show them the way; but also share their experience and help them carry the load and burden that comes with leadership.

It's about results and relationships

When it comes to empowerment, results matter, and the best have a proven track record of delivering them. We also know that truly exceptional empowerment requires a team of people working together for a common purpose, and they aren’t willing to trade culture for performance. In fact, by investing in the people around them, they create a culture that brings out the best in others and fuels even greater success.

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We would love the opportunity to empower you!

Each empowerment specialist on our team has been carefully selected because of the gifts, talents and passion they bring to helping our clients succeed. The result of this careful growth and collaboration is found each day in the letters and messages we receive from clients whose businesses and lives have been empowered beyond measure.
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