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By working with an empowerment coach, our clients are able to create a vision for where they want to be in their businesses and lives and develop tangible actions plans to help them get there. With specific tracks and programs designed to meet your needs, our coaches can provide you with the insight, experience and resources you need to bridge the gap between knowing, doing, and being.

four levels of empowerment

Our Business Coaching process is a powerful new way to help you to achieve greater success quickly. By identifying the underlying core archetypes that are showing within your business activities, you can quickly spot the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Unlike traditional business consulting, or other purely analytical business practices, we engage clients at a behavioral level by quickly discovering where you are willing and able to make important changes.

Why Archetypes Are So Powerful in Business Coaching?

Archetypes are personality aspects that exert ongoing influences on your behaviors and decisions. All business activities can be evaluated using our ten core archetypes, each with distinctly different patterns, tendencies and motivations. 

You can make changes and improvements in your business in ways you’ve never considered or even thought possible, which can substantially increase the success and profitability of your business.



Our personalized approach to business coaching, combined with more than 10 years of coaching experience, sets us apart from other companies and provides you with the individualized empowerment you need.


Tailored for the leader looking to intentionally grow their leadership and influence, our Executive Coaching program addresses specific issues encountered at the senior executive level.


Exclusively for leaders wanting to improve their effectiveness, this offering includes a 360 assessment and executive coaching sessions for being groomed for top positions. Our program offers accountability, experience, and outside perspective to leaders at the highest levels of organizations.

Work with us…you’ll grow and learn to:

  • Rapidly identify the Business Archetypes that are influencing your business practices
  • Effectively evaluate the performance and success of all aspects of your businesses
  • Become aware of hidden blocks and behaviors that may be holding you back
  • Discover patterns and trends that can identify new or overlooked opportunities for success
  • Identify and correct missing and incomplete aspects of your business dynamics