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Money Coaching is a step-by-step coaching process that helps people to understand and become more present to their patterns and behaviors around money. This is an emerging and timely field and paradigm, where, as coaches, we help our clients to become more self-aware, create greater financial balance, and transform their relationship with money.

The Intention of Money Coaching

The intention of Money Coaching is to help transform the individual and collective consciousness around money through education, awareness, and empowerment, which we facilitate through coaching, workshops, and training.
The Money Coaching Process is highly experiential and during these sessions you will learn how you are “hardwired” around money in ways that are generally not fully conscious. By the end of the fourth session, you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origin and can begin to work on your “Money Coaching Action Plan.”

– Money Coaching sessions can be conducted effectively in person or by phone. –

Change of any kind can only take place under certain conditions. In Money Coaching, these conditions are threefold:

An understanding and new level of awareness of what the problem or issue is.

The willingness to change, which literally involves doing something different than what we’ve been doing previously.

Implementing new strategies and actions for change.

Our Areas of Money Coaching

The initial process consists of four one-hour sessions in which we explore your relationship with money. This process will help you to understand your underlying patterns and behaviors around money. From here, we move forward to see how those patterns are manifested in your life today and how they are impacting you personally and financially.

The couple’s process is based upon the book The Heart of Money: A Couple’s Guide for Creating Financial Intimacy written by our Founder & CEO, Deborah Price, an expert on couple’s money issues.

Money Coaching for Couples is conducted similarly to individual coaching but works together to create understanding, awareness and compassion between the couple over the course of a minimum of six sessions.

A Money Coaching Circle is a very powerful and transformative money coaching process. Money Coaching is life-changing work that will provide you with the opportunity to experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to examine and understand your own relationship with money and to overcome any unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors that may be keeping you from experiencing your full potential.

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