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Many leadership development companies focus only on what leaders do — their behaviors. We take a different approach. By focusing on both the beliefs and behaviors of great leadership, we equip and empower  leaders, teams and organizations from the inside out.

"leadership is alignment"

executive leadership coaching

Reach your goals with expert guidance. Your goals and vision are unique. Whether you’re looking to gain confidence with greater responsibility, make a plan to reach the next level, become an inspiring team leader or find more balance in your life, our coaches can help you get there.


leadership mentoring & development

Being a strong leader doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Your GSE Mentor will ask the right questions, help you identify blind spots and share wisdom based on years spent in executive roles, to help you make an even greater impact in your and your organization.

This fully customizable, concierge-style program offers mentoring, development and sound advice from a dedicated former executive, structured to work with your demanding schedule. Your GSE Mentor will work with you to find the right mix of in-person days for one-on-one coaching, observation, team development, executive retreat facilitation, holistic feedback and phone calls.

senior leadership empowerment

As a senior, you’ve made it to the top. You’re no stranger to overcoming challenges. Now you’re ready for a fresh perspective and an objective sounding board. You’re looking for a way to build on your strengths, expand your influence and develop a vision for your life, family, and team. And you’d like to apply your life’s success to other areas of your life. It’s time to get the right GSE coach in your corner

outcomes you'll recieve

Action plans

Creation and refinement of vision. A dynamic and healthy work culture. Increased leadership competency and capacity. Better decision-making skills. Improved communication. Empowered results!

focused coaching session

Clarity about the underlying assumptions behind your strengths and limitations. Deep insight into your behavior and what drives it. Focused feedback on your creative competencies and reactive tendencies. An understanding of your relationship between thoughts and behaviors and their impact on your effectiveness.

Assessments & Feedback

Understand your communication style. Learn about how you are likely to respond in varied situations. Improve your interactions with others. Identify and amplify your value within your organization. Understand how others perceive you.

* Most GSE Coaching packages include the DISC Assessment as a critical tool to build self-awareness and ensure your continued growth.

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Other Areas of GSE Leadership Empowerment

The initial process consists of four one-hour sessions in which we explore your relationship with money. This process will help you to understand your underlying patterns and behaviors around money. From here, we move forward to see how those patterns are manifested in your life today and how they are impacting you personally and financially.

The couple’s process is based upon the book The Heart of Money: A Couple’s Guide for Creating Financial Intimacy written by our Founder & CEO, Deborah Price, an expert on couple’s money issues.

Money Coaching for Couples is conducted similarly to individual coaching but works together to create understanding, awareness and compassion between the couple over the course of a minimum of six sessions.

A Money Coaching Circle is a very powerful and transformative money coaching process. Money Coaching is life-changing work that will provide you with the opportunity to experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to examine and understand your own relationship with money and to overcome any unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors that may be keeping you from experiencing your full potential.

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